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Eric Wong & Nicolas Wiese - live at KM28 Berlin 2019 (excerpt)

Eric Wong - electric guitar and ebow
Nicolas Wiese - processed/layered Eric Wong samples and feedback

KM28 Berlin, May 2019 (5min excerpt from a 25min set)

Raven Chacon - Solo For Guitar

Performed by möbelgruppe:

Eric Wong – Electric Guitar

Live at KuLe, Berlin. August 2020
Recorded & mixed by Adam Asnan

Rishin Singh - grisaille no.4

Performed by Eric Wong – Guitar

Eric Wong - Replacement (excerpt)

Johnny Chang - Viola
Denis Sorokin - Radio / Pitch pipes
Eric Wong - Electric Guitar

Live at KM28 - Partitions & Resonances series, Berlin. March 2019
Recorded by Eric Wong

Yan Jun & Eric Wong - Improvisation

Yan Jun - Voice

Eric Wong - Sine Wave / Pulse Wave / White Noise

Live at Lydhør, Aarhus. November 2018
Recorded by Anders Ørbæk

Nigel Brown & Eric Wong - Improvisation - with accompaniment from Taoist Temple parade

Nigel Brown - Modified Piano Accordion

Eric Wong - Guitar

Live at Ting Shou Hear Say, Tainan. Dec 2016

Recorded by Nigel Brown

Eric Wong - OCSP

with Sine Wave, White Noise

Eric Wong - Ways To Mute A String

with Archtop Guitar

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