Multiple Portables

Multiple Portables.PNG

A series of five multi-channel pieces to be played back with multiple mobile devices, which can be smart phones, tablets, laptops, or anything portable with internet access. Start the tracks of each piece simultaneously on your mobile devices, place the devices at different corners in the space and move among them while listening, or move around with one of your devices.

In each of the following five weeks, a new composition will be uploaded and they are as follows:


Possible Delay


Long Rifts On Plain Jigsaws


Accumulated Minimum


Leo Times Four

Special thanks to Musikfonds and Neustart Kultur for their support of the project.

Older pieces of the same series can be found below:

Steps Drifting Off

Drip, Permeate, and Mutate

LF Modulations

In Tune and Wandered Off

Relatively Pseudo-Cantonese